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Heroes fan fiction crossed over with other fandoms
All fan fiction posted here must use a LJ-cut. Be sure to list a rating and any warnings above the cut.

FRAO/NC-17 or fics containing hot-keywords / plot points (you know what they are) must be friends-locked.

What's allowed here?
Ratings: All ratings from K-FRAO
Pairings: Any and all pairings with the one exception listed below.
Type: All genres from gen to slash; fluff to angst
Can I cross-post? By all means, post wherever you wish!
Can I fake cut? Of course!
Can I link back to my fic? Yes, but at least a brief header or summary so the reader knows if they want to visit the link would be nice. (And so that it can get tagged.)
I read this great crossover, can I rec it here? Yes, but as above with linking back, a brief summary would be nice.
Can I link back to flocked entry? You can, though it might discourage some readers from visiting.

Subject lines:
The subject lines should include the following:
FIC: title, #/#, fandoms, rating (adding the characters involved would be nifty, but not necessary since it should be in your header anyway.)

So, something like:
FIC: My Fic, 1/1, Heroes/Bones, FRT

This community will use tags. You can find a list of them here. Please try and tag your story as you post it. This helps people see right off the bat what they'll be reading. And help people who don't like slash, gen, or het (or whatever) to avoid it. If you don't see one listed, please drop me a note and I'll add it. I've started out with the basic tags (rating, genre, main characters). I will add more tags as fics get added to the community.

I would like tags to be used even for fake cuts/linked fics and fic recs.

Fic headers:
Fic headers will be posted above the cut and should include at the very least the following:
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters. They belong to the creators. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is made from the fic.
Warnings: (slash, adult content)

1) All fics posted to this community must be a crossover. They can be set in the Heroes 'verse, but characters from another fandom must be in the story. And central to it. No vague appearance by Dexter for a blink and then he's gone never to be seen from again. That doesn't mean Matt couldn't be after a serial killer who turns out to be Dexter with few actual appearances by Dexter. Just that the crossover fandom has to be integral to the plot somehow.
2) Feedback is love. Feedback makes the muse happy and happy muses produce more fics. If you take the time to read someone's work, at least let them know you read it and thank them for sharing.
3) Unless the author requests concrits, please keep feedback comments on a more general tone. If you have something deeper to offer, please take it private or off-comm.
4) No bashing or flaming allowed. Period. We're all entitled to differing opinions, but just because you don't like a pairing or fandom doesn't mean others can't (or vice versa).
5) Please be kind and use accurate spoiler warnings, episode titles or at the very least the date an episode aired.
6) No off topic or general discussion posts. There are plenty of discussion groups around for that. The only thing posted in this community should be fics or fic recs. A request for a beta would be acceptable. Posting a challenge is acceptable as long as it falls under the crossover theme of this community.
7) Please ask before advertising your community. It's the considerate thing to do.

Speaking of betas, if you'd like to find a beta or to be a beta, please leave a comment here with the asked for information. (I'd prefer details be hammered-out off-comm once you get a nibble.) Please don't freak out if you don't get a response right away, people are busy and may not check the comm. very frequently.

Have questions about those little details in the fandoms you're writing in? We have a post set up just for the asking and answering of these types of questions here.

If you'd like to affiliate with us, please leave a comment here.

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Any questions, let me know.

Let Heroes and our other beloved fandoms collide!

Happy writing!